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Welcome to the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator UK website.


SE UK is the longest established street-legal drag racing series in Europe and features some of the quickest and fastest street cars on the planet featuring, as it does, both World and European street-legal champions.

The Street Eliminator class is unique in drag racing - not only do we compete on the track, but the cars also have to prove their reliability out on 'the cruise'. At each National event after qualifying, just as racing is finishing and the sun is setting, you'll be sure to hear the unmistakeable rumble of numerous insanely powerful cars, as they join the convoy for the 26 mile compulsory cruise. 

The cars leave the track in pursuit of the local petrol station, where they are required to fill up with pump fuel which you or I use in our everyday run a rounds. Once filled up we continue on through the local picturesque villages to a remote location where each competitor is required to perform a 'hot start'. The cars will line up, switch the engines off letting the heat soak into the engines, before having to restart the cars against the clock. In the two minutes permitted to restart, everyone who's started successfully will head back to the track, all having to return back within 5 minutes of the competitor in front, otherwise this results in automatic disqualification and no race day!

We see a variety of power adders used varying from turbochargers, nitrous oxide and superchargers all to provide mind-blowing performances. The quicker cars run deep into the seven-second zone and in 2012 we saw the first stunning 200mph pass in the class (Richard Billings in the Owen Development, Precision Turbos, Motec backed Mustang at the FIA Euro Finals). Not forgetting that these are street-legal and street-driven cars.

The current class MPH record is 208.17 held by Richard Billings, and the ET record stands at 7.474 seconds set by current 3 time champion Brian Payne at the FIA Main Event 2013.


2014 is sure to be as competitive a season as ever with several new cars being campaigned. 2014 will also welcome the return of some big names who have been away from the class for a number of years, all to challenge defending champion Brian Payne for the Street Eliminator crown.

Please take your time to have a look around the site – you'll find plenty of videos, team profiles, race reports and much more Why not bookmark us and drop back in from time to time as our News pages are frequently updated plus, throughout the season, you’ll find reports from each and every Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator round.


If you’d like to see the cars featured here in the flesh then check out the calendar for race dates and venues.

















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